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Business Enquiries:
7th floor, Corporate Park ||,
Sion-Trombay Road, Chembur,
Mumbai- 400071
Business Enquiries:
7th floor, Corporate Park ||,
Sion-Trombay Road, Chembur,
Mumbai- 400071
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Our design tools.

Strategic planning and execution
Design systems
Conceptualisation and visual exploration
Mobile apps
Innovative brainstorming sessions
Legacy platform re-design
User experience evaluation
Mobile apps
Learning and development workshops
Design systems
In-depth research and analysis
Enterprise and SAAS apps
Ideation sessions
Minimal viable product design
Collaborative problem solving
Enterprise and SAAS apps
Visionary planning
Corporate websites
Professional guidance and mentorship
Minimal viable product design

Our approach to work. And life.

Principles are not principles unless they scare you. We don’t have too many but we definitely live by the few we have.



Without accountability, our entire existence is a mere possibility. We have hard accountability markers for every step in our process and we break it down with tangible measurable metrics to ensure our performance is objectively robust.


Global, local and us.

Of course, we work at the edge of the global frontier of experience design. But if we do not know where we are coming from, where exactly are we going? So it’s our responsibility to bridge where our clients want to be with where they are today.


Versatility means power.

Our cross-functional flexibility lets us open our minds to a wide array of thought and functional fusion. While experience design is our end, our means to it can start from way outside the box.


Not repeatable is not real.

Success that cannot be repeated is not success, it is fate. We believe that systemic and thorough execution of hard processes can not only change fate but also challenge it.

A young tree with deep roots.

Our leadership wasn’t put together in an Excel sheet or a factory. It’s been honed by decades of experience in traditional mass communication, interpretation of tectonic shifts in human behaviour and the construction of large powerful brands at scale. All of which have an assertive role in the world of design thinking.

Agnello Dias
Co-Founder | Growth & Strategy Director

A post-graduate in Advertising & Marketing, Agnello Dias is an Indian advertising veteran having spent over 30 years in the business, triggering market movement for mega local and global brands.

Eshani Kumbhani
Co-Founder | User Experience Director

Starting out as a gold medallist with a degree in Applied Art, Eshani’s career ranges from documentary film making at Parson’s School of Design to communication awards at Cannes Lions and The One Show, before acing her Masters in UX & CX design at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

We don’t just build careers,
we change futures.

Come, join a group of soft-spoken, hard-thinking minds at work. Light-hearted folk with a dark sense of humour. And eccentric coffee. Everything else is business as unusual.

Aakanksha Patel

Project Manager

Aashay Dedhia

User Experience Designer

Akash Wagh

User Experience Designer

Bhushan Dahikar

UX and Product Manager

Kewal Haria

Sr. User Experience Design Lead

Hetal Sureshbhai Padia

Sr. User Experience Design Lead

Sangeeth PT

User Experience Designer

Naman Kumar

User Experience Designer

Hrutik Nikam

Finance Co-ordinator

Sneha Shinde

User Experience Designer

Tejashree Apte

User Experience Designer

Satvik Tolani

User Experience Designer

Rujuta Mehta

User Experience Designer

Adapa Chandra Mouli

User Experience Designer

Durgesh Rane

User Experience Designer

Guneet Cheema

Sr. User Experience Designer

Vijayendra Tarke

UI Design Director

Parvinder Bhamra

Administration Manager

Nilesh Naik

Director - Graphic Design

Sanket Jadhav

Sr. User Experience Designer

Shivani Kher

Sr. User Experience Designer

Nitin Rajput

Senior Manager - Finance

Meet Desai

Senior User Experience Designer

Elvin Rodrigues

Motion Designer

Fedora Liesel Rapose

HR Manager